Woods Wise offers a range of services including:

  • Gun Bluing
  • Gun Repair
  • Gun Part Sales
  • Gun Cleaning
  • Bore Sighting
  • Range Sighting
  • Scope Mounting
  • Bow Stringing
  • Bow Customization
  • Custom Arrows


Gun Bluing

We offer Hot Gun Bluing to customers for any type of long gun. We charge a flat rate for the service, see the details below:

Single Barrel Shotguns: $110.00

DoubleĀ Barrel Shotguns: $210.00

Rifles: $160.00


Gun Repair

We offer a variety of repair services for all makes and models of gun. Pricing depends on the parts required and labor to repair.

We provide free repair quotes, contact us for more information.


Gun Parts

We provide new and used parts. Some parts must be installed by us but many parts are available for you to perform your own repairs and upgrades.

Please contact us for pricing and availability.


Gun Cleaning

We offer full service gun cleaning for all makes and models, please contact us for a free estimate.


Bore Sighting

We offer free in-store bore sighting, just bring your gun in and we will be happy to help.


Range Sighting

We offer range sighting on any make or model for a flat fee of $20 ($40 for muzzleloaders). You must provide ammunition.


Scope Mounting

We offer free scope mounting for any scope bought from Woods Wise.

For scopes purchased elsewhere, we charge a $20 mounting fee. If the gun must be drilled and tapped the mounting fee is $40.


Bow Stringing

We offer free stringing on any string purchased at Woods Wise.


Bow Customization

With our expert knowledge and years of experience we can customize your bow to work perfectly for you.

Bow customization is free for any bow purchased at Woods Wise, contact us for pricing and details for bows purchased elsewhere.


Custom Arrows

We can create custom arrows to meet your requirements for traditional bows, compound bows and crossbows.